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Current location: Kuopio, Finland – Next stop: Konnevesi, Finland – Distance: 4373 km


10 Awesome Apps For A Cyclist

About The List You don’t need a phone or apps when you are bicycling and you shouldn’t rely completely on them (you never knows what happens to your phone). This

Critical Mass Movement

We are traffic! The first time I saw a Critical Mass event was two years ago in the streets where I was living, Ghent. I thought it was a kind



Our Moments Of 2018

EPISODE #6 In 2018 we cycled from Ghent in Belgium towards Bergen in Norway. In this compilation, you can see some of our best moments during this adventure. The first

Happy New Year

EPISODE #5 The first day of 2019 we had dinner with some of the workawayers that we met on the goat farm. We had an amazing time and everyone was

Goats Happened

EPISODE #4 Every day on a farm is different. Things happen and sometimes it is unpredictable. The saying on the farm here is ‘goats happened’. Goats are smart animals and



Frederikstad to Bergen

From Frederikstad to Bergen The last stage of the first part of our journey was one of the heavier but at the same time one of the most beautiful rides

Copenhagen to Frederikstad

From Copenhagen to Frederikstad There is about 600 kilometer of cycling between Copenhagen and Frederikstad in Norway. It is the first big city you will enter when you cross the border

Ghent to Copenhagen

PICTURES FROM GHENT TO COPENHAGEN Choosing a favorite city on our trip. It is not easy. We saw already a lot of beautiful places. If we would choose right now it




Did you ever have the feeling that you’d like to see more on your travels? We did. Instead of taking the plane or any other vehicle that moves faster than you could possibly go on your own. So we created bikegoals. A website for people that want to take traveling to a different level. What would you think about seeing everything slower? Seeing everything by getting there with your own power. That is our plan. Moving slower and doing it within our own strength. Making our footprint that we leave on the planet as small as possible.


Our first goal is to get everyone on a bike. Even if it is for short rides. The second goal? To bike around the world! Bikes and muscles are our only tools. We still need to do it and move our asses. Arriving somewhere is only a small part of the journey, but, it is very rewarding. Are you recognize yourself in this? Do you love to bike? Do you want to see the world? You can contact us and you can have your own story on this website!

Let’s bike!