around the world

Our cycling journey

We departed on Monday 2 July 2018 on our first big cycling journey through Northern Europe. At that time we didn’t know what that trip would bring us, what would happen and where it would end. We didn’t even know it would be a Northern Europe trip. Our first goal was to reach Norway and after that, we would see what happens. We cycled for a few months, stayed a few months at a work away in Norway, and cycled back to Belgium. This took us 13 months. We loved it so much that now we are planning our second, maybe more adventurous journey. We will cycle from Argentina to Alaska. And like our previous trip, you can follow our journey here.

We hope we can be an inspiration for all of you to follow your dreams and life goals.

See you on the adventure!

Tim & Antonia

Our next goals

Cycling from Argentina to Alaska is not our first trip and it will be not our last. There are some more plans on our table. The ultimate goal is to have cycled on every continent. Although we don’t know if we will ever do that it is always nice to dream big. Some cyclists already did it so why not us. In our next trip we will cover America but however Tim wants also to cycle from Belgium to Australia which would cover Europe (again), Asia and Oceania. The only continent we don’t really have a plan for (yet) is Africa. Since the upcoming project is still some months away and will take at least 1,5 years it is not really the time yet to think about it. Yet, we are slowly moving closer to all our goals which is exciting.

Our trip in Norway