Our D-day

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Back in 2018 was our D-day. The second of July at 7 in the morning we left on our bikes on the journey of our life. We finished our final preparations. Our apartment is for the new renters. Bags were packed. Stuff that we don’t need is at our parents. And the hardest thing I did, leaving my cat in good care of my grandma. One of the most difficult decisions of my entire life but she will have a good life there for the time that I am gone. I’m sure of that.

How it all started

Tim: “I was already thinking a long time about travelling around the world for a year. Three years (2015) ago I found a blog about a guy (JKB’s bike ride) that traveled from London to Australia with his bike. In fact, I was inspired straight away. My thoughts at that moment where: ‘I want to do that too!’. At that moment it was a vague idea. After time, the idea started to grow on me. Two years ago (2016) I bought finally a bike. A koga randonneur. That was the start and early stage of my plans. Since then we are working towards the start of the journey. 
Then I met Antonia and she joined my dream and it become our dream. This January I decided it was time to leave and after some talking with my boss at work I could take one year off. Our departure date was set at the beginning of July. This was also the moment I came with the idea for a website to share and inspire people with what we do. Bikegoals was born. And this is the start of our story…”
Antonia: “Three years ago it was unbelievable I could do a trip like this. I carried from my childhood a trauma with riding bikes. The moment I arrived to Gent I could make peace with my fear for biking. Gent was a sweet and kind city to let go. When Tim and I made our first trip to the Netherlands I was surprised how much joy I felt traveling with the bike. I thought that it was one of the best traveling mode I ever experienced in my life. When Tim shared his ideas about biking around the world I was enthusiastic about it.

D-day t-shirts
on the road

Storage space

Here is our setup for carrying all our gear.

Back panniers (4) – Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic – 2800g (1 x 1900g) – 80L
Front panniers (2) – Ortlieb Sport-Roller Classic – 1590g – 25L
Trailer – Topeak Trailer Journey – 6450g – 65,3L
Saddle bag – B’twin Saddle Bag 500 S – 65g – 0,5L
Frame bag – B’twin Frame Bag 300 – 91g – 1,5L
Backpack – The North Face Angstrom 20 – 709g – 20L
Backpack – Quechua backpack – 1000g – 25L
Little bag – Quechua Small Bag – 75g – 0,4L

TOTAL – 12,78kg – 12780g – 217,7L


We are some time on the road and until now it is a beautiful journey. Some moments it is tough but in general it is all worth it. If you ever considering traveling the world then don’t hesitate. Just do it! If you have any questions about starting your trip you can always contact us.