Episode 1 – Antonia’s birthday!

by TimNov 13, 2018Vlogs0 comments

In our first vlog, it is Antonia’s birthday! She will explain our arrival at the goat farm in Nordkjosbotn. We stayed for 5 months through workaway. It was the start of the winter in Norway. We decided to work and wait until winter was over since the weather got really bad.


Our plan to stay during the winter in Norway was to find a place where we could work in exchange for accommodation and food. So that our expenses would be almost zero. Workaway was ideal for this because it is a platform for projects to find people to help them in return for lodging and food. You would work about 20 hours a week. In return, you exchange knowledge with the people that needed your help. You also get to know the culture and the people much better because you are working and living with them. It is a bit different from Couchsurfing since you stay more long term with your hosts (from 2 weeks to a few months in general). Antonia had already more experiences with workaway but for me, it was the first time. I really liked the concept of the community and I would like to do it more in the future.