Episode 1 – Tromsø and Sjøvegan

by TimJun 16, 2019Shorts0 comments

In this compilation, we are slowly starting our journey again when the snow was melting. We left Tromsø and went for a short adventure in a dog sledding center before heading out on the road again. Our time in Tromsø was wonderful with the highlight of climbing the Fløya mountain. In Sjøvegan, we mainly stayed at the dogsledding center working and playing with the dogs. This was a nice change for us after working four months on a goat farm.

The work was different and we enjoyed hanging out with the dogs (Malamutes and Alaskan Huskies). We even did some dogsledding (which will be shown in the next short) and since neither of us did this ever it was an amazing experience. Floating on a frozen lake on a sled. We will never forget those moments. Actually, we will keep every memory alive with these shorts. We enjoyed those moments a lot and we hope you will get inspired by them. Sjøvegan is a little town near the Lofoten Islands (Narvik) and it is a nice base to do hikes, explore nature, the fjords, and of course the Lofoten Islands which is a must-visit in Norway.

We stayed in Sjøvegan until the beginning of April 2019. Then we continued our journey towards Lapland and the south of Finland which our other shorts will be about. There was still a lot of snow in April but the roads were clear so we could continue our journey.