Episode 2 – Dogsledding and Horseriding

by TimJul 8, 2019Shorts0 comments

In our second short we try some new methods for transportation like dogsledding and horse riding. You never know when our bicycles would brake so we can replace it with something else! We learned a lot about dogsledding and the dogs. In this video, our trip starts in Sjøvegan towards the border with Finland and finally crossing the border to Lapland (via Skibotn).


During the winter period, we used workaway to close the gap where it was to difficult to cycle. We helped first at a goat farm and then for 2 weeks at a husky farm where we mainly took care of the dogs and made long walks with them. Other than that we also did some dogsledding and learned how to work with dogs in general. With workaway you basically exchange your help for a roof, food and at the same time, you learn some new skills. It is a great way to learn about a country and the people. Their culture, way of living, working,… You see it all from very close by. And at the same time you can save some money to travel longer. The best part is still that you can exchange skills with eachother and meet a lot of interesting people with cool projects.