Journal entry, 13th of April 2020.

Today is Easter Monday. I wish you all a happy Easter if you celebrate it! It are strange times with what is happening right now in the world. Almost the whole world in quarantine this spring. It’s not that I go out that much or that I have constant visitors but I miss some things. Like playing soccer every week with my team. I miss especially that. No more drinks after the game. I am not suffering though. We are in a very good place to be in lockdown. I am sure there are people that have it much worse.
Our next trip would start in November. There is a big possibility that we need to postpone it for some months. I am not sure how I see it. It has the pros and cons I suppose, like everything. We can earn a bit more money before leaving. There would be some more time to prepare for the trip (the route, our bicycles, etc…).

This corona crisis makes us (like everyone else, I suppose) think though. To not take everything for granted. And live slower. Although that with our previous cycling trip we were living a lot slower. This is another level. One that we didn’t expect to come. Do we need to rethink life? Society? How everything is built up? Our system? Probably.


Our plans

We are still preparing for our next trip. There is still no exact departure date which makes us flexible, luckily. We have more time to prepare and earn a little bit more money which is not a bad thing. So we can plan our route, our projects for on the road, see what (new) equipment we need and so on.


Some of our new projects are:

You will read more about that on the website soon.
This journal is quite short since we didn’t do a lot in the last months except for working and planning. Yet, in this first journal, I wanted to let you know how we are those days. We are fine and healthy and we hope everyone else is too.
See you soon on the road!