Journal entry, 20th of April 2020.

Every week I will write in my diary and discover myself. Letting my thoughts flow around. It is not easy for me to write because I am not used to it. So this will be good practice for me. In Belgium, we are still in lockdown (like the rest of the world. Yet, we can exercise in our own neighborhood. Cycling, walking, and running are allowed as long as you keep your distance and don’t stop somewhere for a long time. So last Sunday we went on a little bike tour in our area. 
We first looked up some routes on Komoot that started close to our home. Then we picked one out and were ready to go. We are lucky to have some forests close by so we had some nice options. The weather was cloudy and it was about 15 degrees Celcius. That is in our opinion perfect cycling weather! So off we went.
The ride was very beautiful. I discovered some places in our own area that I didn’t know of. We had the full package. Hills, forest, fields and nice views, Everything was included. We are already planning a new route for next weekend.

An easy ride

We took it easy at a slow pace so we could let our eyes discover slowly everything we saw. It was good for our minds. To be outdoors and not think about the situation in the world. After all day inside it is good to get some exercise and fresh air. It brought me back to our Northern Europe trip where we cycled from Belgium to Norway and back. I miss traveling at the moment, being on the road, wild camping and most of all I miss the adventure. All of it. We are lucky to be where we are. No complaining at all but that doesn’t mean our legs are not itchy to cycle big distances again. Our own trip in November might be delayed. Depending on how everything evolves.

I guess the only thing we can do is wait. In the meanwhile, it is time to discover my own hometown where I grew up as a kid. And I hope you can do that too. If you are able to go outside, be sure to discover your own home! It can be surprising and beautiful. If you can’t, then I hope the situation gets better real quick. People are not meant to stay inside all day.

See you soon on the road!