Journal entry, 12th of May 2020.

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day and we decided to visit my grandma since we can now visit up to 4 people. Afterward, we decided to do a little trip with our bicycles. We are still discovering our own neighborhood. Our choice was to go to the Hallerbos (forest) to walk the Sequoia Route (4 km). The Hallerbos is 6km from my grandma so we cycled to the walk. It was not so easy to find the route. The signs were not so clear or a bit hidden between the bushes on the side of the paths. We also cycled most of the parts where it was allowed. Eventually, we found the bigger sequoia trees. They are not so big as in Canada of course, but they are still impressive trees.
In the end, we did about 20km in total with different stops. So an easy cycling ride. When we got almost home Antonia got a flat tire so the last 3km we walked with our bikes since we didn’t bring our tools. Always bring your tools for patching up tires! Back home we patched it up and we were very satisfied with what we did on Mother’s Day.

Start to draw.

After the visit and our little trip we decided it was time to be a bit creative. We are following 6 weeks drawing course to improve our sketching and creativity. Every day we draw a little bit (about half an hour) and it is fun and easy. Nothing hardcore, enjoying ourselves, and learning some drawing methods. This quick and fun course will become very handy when we are on the road again with our bicycles. 


So the conclusion of this short journal is that we had a great Sunday and I hope many more will come!