Episode 12 – We Are Traffic!

by TimJun 11, 2020Vlogs0 comments

During our trip, we didn’t have a lot of problems. No accidents. No bad situations. Yet, sometimes we felt unsafe on the road. Especially when car drivers overtake you with not enough space between you and them. Before our trip, Antonia found out about the Critical Mass Movement which she wrote a post about. In this vlog, she will talk more about ‘We Are Traffic’. I invite all of you to listen to what she has to say about cycling with other traffic and how sometimes people don’t respect each other in traffic situations.

As a cyclist, you feel often fragile. Just a moment of distraction can have serious consequences. We need to be extra alert in traffic since the speed is higher than pedestrians but the fragility is the same. Often, we need to share the road with other motorized vehicles when there are no bike lanes. In an ideal world, there are bike lanes everywhere and we wouldn’t need to worry about cars. But since this is not the case we only can ask some awareness from everyone on the road. Just think about the others that you share the road with. That is all.

Share the road with each other in peace. So that everyone can travel safely with any method of transportation. That is one of our goals. To spread this awareness to everyone and even if we only reach one person, it will be already a win for us.