through our eyes


Our trip through Northern Europe was our first trip on our bicycle. We learned a lot and here we want to share you our stories, blogs and vlogs that we made during this trip.

After some smaller week trips with our bicycles through Belgium and the Netherlands we started our first big trip in July 2018. We cycled from Belgium (Ghent) towards Bergen (Norway). We cycled through The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden before arriving in Norway. From there we took a train and some busses to Tromsø where we stayed for the winter. In April 2019 we started cycling again from Tromsø towards Finland. We crossed all of Finland (North to South). We passed Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland before entering Germany again. From Germany we had the last hundreds of kilometers towards Brussels which was our endpoint. We experienced a lot. We met a lot of interesting people and saw a lot of beautiful landscapes.

The idea to cycle to Norway was quite simple. We never did a big tour so we decided we wanted to do it in a country familiar to ours while staying in Europe so we didn’t need to worry about visas and border crossings to much. We could focus completely on cycling and discovering how it works. Since neither of us had ever been in Norway it was a perfect fit. We heard that nature there was impressive and we always wanted to see the northern lights. Our choice was quickly made.

We want to share all of this with you and we hope you get inspired by this (and soon our other) trip.